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Kai Althoff Art

Kai Althoff
Whitney Biennial

Alice Ayecock Art

Alice Ayecock

Alice Ayecock Art


Beckman Painting

Max Beckman


Benson Painting

Lady With A Hat

Robert Casper Painting

Robert Casper
Long Island Railroad Station

Joseph Catuccio Painting

Joseph Catuccio Painting No 9

Claire Clark Sculpture

Claire Clark
Leslie Reclining


Rebecca Cooperman Watercolor

Rebecca Cooperman
New England

Vincent D'Alessio Painting

Vincent D'Alessio
Hot Pants

Tad Day Drawing

Tad Day

Judith Houston Emerson
Let There Be Light


Anna Feld
Florent 2006

Janet Fish
Green Glass from Alexis

Susan Gerstein
Silver and Gold

Daniel Greene
Frankelthaler's Flood


Alice Grisant
Into the Wood

Alex Katz
Morning With Rocks

Roy Lictenstein
The River

Alfred Leslie
Landscape: Gee


Johanna Lisi Painting

Johanna Lisi
Astor Place at the Public

Gloria Lippmann Painting

Roman Luchuk

Ken McConney Watercolor

Ken McConney
The Washington Mews

Doug McConney Photograph

Doug McConney


Fran Meyers
The Brooklyn Bridge

Jessica Mieles
Those That Were

Phillip Pearlstein

David Beynon Pena
Coffee Contemplation


Regina Perlin
Gowanus Canal from 3rd Street Bridge

George Pissaro

George Pissaro
Three Graces

George A. Rada
The Quiet Zone

Patricia Rendleman
Fushia Green


David Rosston
Landscape on the Hudson

Steve Sandler
The Red Cafe, Paris

Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Passing Storm

Roger Smith
Across The Meadow


Laura Stevens
The Horse

Jack Tricarico

Joy Walker

Max Weber
Adoration of the Moon


H. Michael Weienert
Sunrise East River, Brooklyn and Queens

C.C. Wolf
Blue Bubble Man

George Zipparo Art

George Zipparo
The Opening

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