David Rosston Artist

The Watercolor Series

A Landscape in Nature

Landscape Hudson
Black Mesa David Rosston

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David Rosston is a New York City Artist who gets much of his inspiration in Central Park. He is highly immersed in the persistence of nature that exists in the city, which is reflected in his art and his paintings -- David Rosston NY Artist


The Solemn White Canvas

"A line on its own has almost become a work of art, and one can no longer treat it as casually as one could when art concerned itself with depicting things seen. The white canvas is so solemn. Each extraneous line, each misplaced line, each color applied without sufficient care and respect, can destroy the whole, that is to say, the spirit."

Theo van Doesburg

Black Mesa Arizona
David Rosston 2005
Black Mesa, Arizona

Watercolor on Paper
Size of Artwork: 18" X 24" Unframed - $650
Size Framed: 20" x 24" - $750 Framed

Watercolors and Paintings ...

It's about my Patette along with the Emotional Content and, of course, there are Boundaries.

Figuration Persists ...

The figuration persists ... based on negotiations between opposition and speculation.

By Hudson River
By the Hudson River David Rosston 2005
Watercolor on Board
Size of Artwork: 11" x 15" Unframed - Size Frame: 18" x 22" - $1,500 Framed

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