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Portrait Painting of Lady Georgeanne Nixon of Missouri

Pena Self Portrait
David Pena - Self Portrait

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David Pena Photo
David Beynon Pena, Photograph
Credit: Ken McConney

In Memmoriam

We are profoundly saddened by the recent passing of, our great friend, artist-painter, David Beynon Pena.

He was born in Manhattan where he lived most of his life. He lived in Australia, as a child, and returned to live in New York city at 14 years old, where he developed dedicated portrait-artist skills. He was a very special person that touched on many lives. He had exceptional kindness, humor, and sensitivity toward all who knew him.

Pena had a soaring artistic spirit and celebrated life with an incredible optimism and enthusiasm. He was a great inspiration to all who knew him. He had monumental achievements during his short life. He died on September 10, 2016, at 57 years old, and he will never be forgotten.

Lady Georgeanne

Georganne Wheeler Nixon, Missouri First Lady
Oil on Canvas, 46" X 38"

Pena Paints Portrait

D.B. Pena -- First life sitting on location, chatting with Governor Jay Nixon and First Lady Georganne Nixon at the Missouri Governor's Executive Mansion

Elements of a Portrait

Pena with Georgeanne

D.B. Pena and First Lady Georganne Nixon in the Artist's New York Studio

Missouri's Georgeanne Nixon

Missouri First Lady Georganne Nixon, Preliminary Head & Shoulders,

Painted from life: Oil On Canvas,

24" X 20"

Collection of Mr & Mrs Jay Nixon

David Pena at Work - Plein Aire Painting


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