Patricia Rendleman

Revitalizing Abstract Painting

OK By Me
Ok By Me © Patricia Rendleman

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Gaining Even More Momentum


Growing up in North Carolina, Patricia Rendleman knew she was an artist early in life.


There she painted and then studied photography at the renowned Penland School where soon thereafter she was awarded a C.E.T.A. grant from the North Carolina Council for the Arts.


Leaving North Carolina for New York, she studied with the legendary Stella Adler who greatly inspired her personal artistic voice.


With this new inspiration, Ms. Rendleman began to formally study at The Art Student's League of New York

Morning Delight
Morning Delight Patricia Rendleman, 2002
Acrylic on Board
12" x 12"

It was then that her starring role as "Pat" in the award winning film, "Sherman's March" was released, yet, her painting career was gaining even more momentum.


By the mid 1980's, she began showing extensively through galleries in southern California including the Forecast Gallery in Santa Monica and the Front Porch Human Arts Gallery in Venice.


Her work developed a new approach as she furthered her education at the International School of Art, in Umbria, Italy, where she was influenced by Knox Martin.

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My Turn
My Turn Patricia Rendleman, 2002
Acrylic on Board
12" x 12"

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