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The Art and History of the American Indian

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Let There Be Light © Judith Houston Emerson

Judith Emerson was a street painter in Jackson Square, the French Quarter in New Orleans.

She began her fomal training as an artist at the Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy.

Look! We're Being Watched © Judith Houston Emerson

Moving to New York City in 1987 she studied sculpture, painting, and drawing at the Art Students League for four years.

She received recognition in the Annual Concours Show in the ASL Gallery for her sculpture (clay modeling and stone carving) in 1990.

She also studied at the Academy of Realist Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Judith Houston Emerson is the author of the highly acclaimed book:

The Myth Makers.

Click here to see a video on this historic novel. Her inspiration comes from the Cherokee cultural heritage.

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