Joseph Catuccio

Recent Paintings and Sculpture - Mystical Humanism

Mural No. 2
© Joe Catuccio

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Clam Shell
Joseph Catuccio 2003
Untitled Mural 8 - 1969
5 feet X 8 feet 1969 - Acrylic on Canvas

Murals: A humanist sociological study mixed with mysticism . . . a positive feeling related to the subconscious.

Paintings are parts of dreams and visions. A paradox . . . a female general is transformed into a mystic poet. One thinks she's a warrior but then she's really a poet. Everyone incorporates everyone else. The person holds the whole human spectrum inside of themselves. A humanist sociological study mixed with mysticism.

Humanism is founded upon -- indeed it requires -- a tremendous  confidence in man and his potential. It is a way of  thinking that exalts, and exalts in, the universal man, the man who develops all his talents, the generalist, the non-conformist, the individualist. The man to be admired is to be the singular man; and the man to be admired above all is, the unique man.

It is a kind of thinking that can go wrong ... yet, trust in the individual gives us one of our most prized ideals as well, for belief in individualism implies tolerance for all individuals -- the very basis of humaneness.

Changes Mural 2
Changes - Mural 2 Joseph Catuccio 2003
10' X 20' - 1974 - 1982 - Acrylic on Canvas

Someone is always dancing in the sun. We are afraid to look.

Flashed across my mind like a brushfire.

Death Dottie Grandfather
Joseph Catuccio 2003
Death of Dottie's Grandfather - Mural 9 - 1965
3 feet x 4 feet - Oil on Canvas

Dancing in Sun
Dancing in The Sun - Mural 4 - 1968-71 Joseph Catuccio 2003
5' X 8' - Acrylic on Canvas

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