George Pissaro

Sculpture: Stone Carving and Painting

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Atlantian George Pissarro 1980

George Pissarro is an accomplished sculptor and painter who has been very prolific working in his New York atelier.

His work has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions around the world.


Atlantian - 1980


12" height x 5" width x 5" depth


Eternity, 1990 George Pissarro

His career was heralded by the critics, when he had his first show at the Hancock Gallery in 1982.

After that, he has had a long series of gallery shows in New York, his last one being held at Rockefeller Center in 1999.

Eternity, 1990 George Pissarro
Onyx Marble
18" X 9" X 9"

Three Graces
Three Graces George Pissarro, 1992

Pissarro has had solo exhibitions at many galleries, some of which are mentioned here: New Atlantis Gallery, Marble & Granite Gallery, Jadite Gallery, Ichirikobari, and he has also had an exhibition of public art at Rockefeller Center.

Three Graces - 1992
Marble Sculpture
40" height x 14" width x 12" depth

He has also participated in numerous group shows which include:

LaMama Gallery, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Cork Gallery, Carnegie Hall, City Without Walls, and Grammercy Gardens.

Receptor - 1990 George Pissarro
19" height x 19" width x 15" depth

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