Regina Perlin

Painting Brooklyn NY Street Art from The Perlin Series

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I both live and work in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. I have been painting outdoors for some time, and for the past few years, I have painted almost exclusively in my own neighborhood.


While I have participated in a number of exhibitions, my primary showcases have been a neighborhood gallery and the sidewalks of Brooklyn.

Perlin President Street
© Regina Perlin 2014
President Street In Afternoon Light

Living and Working in Carroll Gardens

I have enjoyed the enthusiasm of the many people who love Carroll Gardens and are surprised and delighted to see that an artist finds it interesting enough to paint.

Banks Gowanis Canal
© Regina Perlin 2004
On the Banks of the Gowanus Canal
Oil on Canvas - 18" x 14"

Painting Exclusively in my Own Neighborhood

Wycoff Street Brooklyn
© Regina Perlin 2004
Late Afternoon on Wycoff Street, Brooklyn
Oil on Canvas, 24" x 24"

2018 © Regina Perlin All Rights Reserved
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