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New York World Art Collection - Original Art for Display and/or Purchase

Kai Althoff

Thomas Anshutz

Alice Ayecock

Max Beckman


Robert Casper

Joseph Catuccio

Claire Clark

Rebecca Cooperman

Vincent D'Alessio

Judith Houston Emerson

Anna Feld

Janet Fish

Alice Grisant

Daniel Greene

Alex Katz

Alfred Leslie


Joanna Lisi

Roman Luchuk

Doug McConney

Ken McConney

Fran Meyers

Jessica Mieles

Phillip Pearlstein

David Pena

Regina Perlin

George Pissaro

George A. Rada

Jacqueline Sferra Rada

Patricia Rendleman

D. Rosston

Steve Sandler

Roger Smith

Laura Stevens

Jack Tricarico

Joy Walker

Max Weber

H. Michael Weinert

C.C. von Wolf

George Zipparo

Along the Arno
Cabs Through the Night
© Anna Feld,
Oil Painting

Flowers Red McConney
Honey Dew Melon with Coffee Pot
© Ken McConney
Acrylic on Canvas

Jessica Mieles
Dawn Dusk
© Jessica Mieles


American Artists And New York Artists

Johanna Lisi Art

Les Deux Gamins
© Johanna Lisi, Artist
Oil Painting


Vincent D'Alessio Art

© Vincent D'Alessio
Oil Painting


Along the Arno
© Alice Grisant


Jack Tricarico Painting
Flow (Water-color)
© Jack Tricarico

Jacqueline Rada Art
Black and Blue Tree Series, No. 3
© Jacqueline Sferra Rada
Acrylic Painting


H. Michael Weinert

Crescent Beach, Oregon
© H. Michael Weinert

Oil Painting


Alex Katz
Morning with Rock
© Alex Katz



"Art is two things: a search for a road and a search for freedom.

-- Alice Neel

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