Judith Houston Emerson

Author and Artist of the American Indian

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Same Old Story

The Same Old Story Judith Houston Emerson
24" x 30"


"I paint in both oils and acrylics, but I love to draw: contour drawings, line drawings, and tonal drawings of the human form. (I do not believe I have 'a style').

Mediums for these reations are graphite pencils, charcoal, conte, pastel, as well as, pen and ink.

From my former instructors at the League I have embraced the idea that drawing the human form from model, memory, and imagination should be within the capabilities of a truly accomplished artist.

Therefore, the human figure for me is a point of departure ... a springboard into my personal creative visions."

J. Houston Emerson


All Art Works are Original Oil Paintings, and one of a kind, unless otherwise specified.

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