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Prismatic City
Prismatic City Jessica Mieles

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Manhattan and the Environs of New York

Manhattan from

overhead can be

quite magnificent whether

its day or night, with

its blinking rays of light,

angles of perspective,


hazy purple waters, while

catching its breath from

the fleeting nature of

dust restrained only

by the sands of time.

The City from the Sky . . . in Watercolor

The Smokestack Dream
The Smokestack Dream Jessica Mieles 2005




Those That Were
Those That Were Jessica Mieles 2005

Tiny City Series
Window Box Jessica Mieles


Prismatic CityPrismatic City Jessica Mieles



Jessica Mieles has created her own dark evocation of New York.


In this powerful painting, entitled Prismatic City, glittering lights seem to cast the steel and iron shadows of the architecture grounded into other worlds.

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