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Jessica Mieles Watercolors
Last of Days, Watercolor

Jessica Mieles, Painter --

Watercolor is her dedicated medium. Mieles has a huge collection of cityscapes, portraits and still lifes done with her exuberant and unique visual acuity. She paints daily, winter and summer, always finding subject matter in her city of New York.

  Ken McConney Cafe
Basket of Fruit with Wine Glass, Watercolor

McConney, Draughtsman and Painter --

Drawings, Oil Paintings, Figurative Studies, Portraiture, Cityscapes, Landscapes, Color Studies, Sculpture, Collage, Watercolor; Mr. McConney shows his vast knowledge and acute perception and higly developed skill in a myriad of subject matter.


Fran Meyers Photography
The Sky Over New York City, No. 465

Fran Meyers, Fine Arts Photographer


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