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Jessica Mieles

Crimes of the Art - An Exhibition of New Works

by Elgin Tarlow

Crime Series
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Crimes of the Art, paintings by Jessica Mieles delving into the world of crime is now on view in the Solo Room at Nexus Gallery. The paintings explore sex, death, and degradation . . . that's just the comedy relief.

In a recent interview, Jessica Mieles enlightened us about her new series:

"Crimes of the Art are paintings delving into famous crimes, primarily one. I explore the lives of the female killers, particularly the deceptive, licentious freedom enjoyed even in the face of actual subordination to the males. A "freedom" which leads to the very brink of the gas chamber.

Perhaps their violent and yet ephemeral lives work best with the spontaneity of water-based medium, which gives a journalistic immediacy. The male side of murder is depicted in portraits of two killers, the enormity of their crimes only matched by their fathomless motivation. In one painting, I totally abandon the factual with a depiction of a city in anarchy, hopefully to remain in fantasy."

The exhibition is on view from January 30 through February 24, 2001.

Reception: Thursday, February 1st, 6-8pm.

Ms. Mieles is available for panel discussions and interviews.

Sexy Sadie
Sexy Sadie

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