The Grand Tableau of Central Park

Alice Grisant, Jessica Mieles, Vincent D'Alessio, George A. Rada, Anna Feld, Johanna Lisi, Ken McConney

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Ken McConney Watercolor
© Ken McConney
Central Park, Bow Bridge

Winday Day Park
© Anna Feld
Windy Day in Central Park
Oil on Canvas

Park Quiet Zone
© George A. Rada
Central Park - The Quiet Zone
Oil Painting

Children's Pond
© McConney
Children's Boat Pond in Central Park, New York
Watercolor Painting

Central Park

An urban oasis in a concrete jungle with a design of rolling hills, meadows, lawns along with formal gardens on what had been in another century over 800 acres of squatters huts on flatlands. At Bethesda Fountain, one can rent a rowboat at the boathouse at 72nd Street.

Central Park 90th
Central Park © Jessica Mieles
© Jessica Mieles
A Tsunami of Roses
Water Color on Paper
Central Park Spring
© Jessica Mieles
Central Park Early Spring
Water Color on Paper
Promenade Central Park
© Jessica Mieles
The Promenade in Central Park
Water Color on Paper
Central Park Boathouse
© McConney
Central Park Boathouse NYC
Painting (Sold)

The Zoo in the Park

At the Central Park Zoo, there will be polar bears and monkeys and wild birds.

The formal gardens can be found at 104th Street and Fifth Avenue across from the Bario Museum and The Museum of the City of New York.

Central Park Staircase
Johanna Lisi
Central Park Staircase
Oil on Canvas

Engineer's Gate
© Anna Feld
Entrance to Central Park at 90th St, NYC
Oil on Canvas

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