George A. Rada's

"In Half Space"

by Cynthia Marie Victoria S. von Uthemann

George A. Rada ©

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The National Competition 2000 Group Show at the First Street Gallery, 560 Broadway, New York City, juried by William Beekman on behalf of Gregory Gillespie was "visual hashish" to many who came to the Opening Reception on June 20, 2000. I went because I was invited, but primarily, to feast my eyes on paintings which were good for the soul and the mind.

Rada's "In Half Space," oil on canvas, 42 in x 32 in., which seemed to be his favorite, succeeded in giving such feast. I have seen almost all of Rada's collection, from his early art works to his most recent paintings, during the April 2000 exhibition organized for him by the RILMAC, USA in New York.

This particular art work, seems to be his hallmark. It shows his refined style and recalls a bit of van Dyck in the composition of decorative fullness and breath characteristic of the baroque portraiture. The generation should specify Rada's and not to confuse it with van Dyck's. Very few artists of Rada's generation, make use of so many of the techniques of subject painting: compositional inventiveness, bold diagonals, shadows cutting across and into the forms, plus the imaginative use of antique dolls against richly flowing gowns and dark brooding floors.

Rada concentrates on the introspective possibilities of portraiture. The model is assimilated to the artist's concept of her and her emotions, so that the picture ceases to be a portrait of an individual and becomes a study of contemplation. Rada's open brushwork - softened by glazes of the model's dress and long hair, allowed to remain raw and slightly unfinished at the bottom back of the background, is typical of the series. The vitality of the portrait is conveyed as much by the artist's brushwork as by the sitter's expression.

George A. Rada © 2000
Crystal on Blue I and Crystal on Blue II
Oil on Canvas
Each painting is 14 x 11

As Director of the Royal Institute of Literature, Art, Music and Cinematography (RILMAC,USA) former Artistic Director of three prestigious galleries across the Guggenheim Museum and at Westchester, New York, and as New York and European artists' representative/dealer, I have been invited to be a juror for several art competitions in Europe, Southeast Asia and the US. It is quite a difficult task, often herculian. Gregory Gillespie could not make it as a juror for this event, due to a previous engagement with his Creator. However, Beekman did a commendable job. Rada, Beekman and myself share a deep sadness for Gillespie's death.

I was Rada's representative and art dealer for several years in New York during the 90's, and to this date, his paintings continue to amaze me. Rada's painting along with the other selected artists, will be exhibiting from June 20-July 18, 2000.

 by Cynthia Marie Victoria S. von Uthemann


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