Aurielo del Muro Balandran:

Travel, Memory and Sculpture

by Ana Maria Toro

Reprinted from Artists News

The Work of a Mexican Artist in New York

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Through generations, New York city has attracted millions of immigrants for everything the city has to offer, at a personal, cultural or professional level.

With its lively night life, the memories kept by each of its corners, and with the possibility to reach a goal, no wonder the city has the reputation of being the most exciting place in the world.

And yet, for the Mexican artist Aurelio del Muro Balandran, to live in New York, with its unlimited number of distractions, is as much a pleasure as it is a disadvantage.

Aurelio del Muro Balandran

. . . I think that the creative act does not have control when you let go . . .

Aurelio del Muro Balandran won the Art Students League's McDowell Grant in 2004 and used the funds to tour Porrtugal , Spain, Paris and Italy the following Spring. A native of Mexico, Aurelio arrived in New York in 1978. He took his first sculpture class in 1983, studying with Tom Doyle, adn he earned a B.A. in psychology at Queens College in 1985. Aurelio has worked as a counselor and social worker. He now teaches English literacy at Cl College and is a janitor at the League while pursuing his artistic goals.

. . . This is the miracle of the creative mind . . .

At the League, Aurelio first studied with Barney Hodes; his principal teacher/mentor was Philip Pavia. Hiw work has been exhibited in a one-man show at the Mexican Cultural Institute in New York and the White Box Gallery in Philadelphia. Mexico and his friends, as well as what he terms "a slow by steady revelation of life, art and the sculptural," inspire his carved pieces.

by Ana Maria Toro

2004 Recipient of the McDowell Travel Grant

The Harriman Gallery
The Art Students League of NY
215 West 57th Street
New York NY 10019

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