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Colleen Flanigan, Carla Goldberg, Jill Ricci, Casey Vogt

Tria Gallery, NYC

On View: May 3 - June 12, 2012

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May 3, 2012 - New York, NY: Tria Gallery presents intermix, featuring mixed media works by artists Colleen Flanigan, Carla Goldberg, Jill Ricci & Casey Vogt.

The artists in intermix each create art using multiple and varied materials and techniques. Flanigan's interactive "puzzle" is composed of 5 x 5" wooden blocks, each of which is engraved with pen and ink drawings. The viewer can move the blocks around to create changing visual stories. Goldberg takes fun and nostalgic items such as Gumby and Pez candies, and places them in contemporary setting of swirling resin. Ricci creates elaborate collages using metals, beads, fabrics, text and other materials from her worldwide travels. The result is an old-world feel with contemporary edge. Vogt's psychedelic and visually stirring mixed media collages are painstakingly created, ornate fields of micro-patterns - some using vivid colors and other start black and white - to mesmerizing effect.

Colleen Flanigan

Colleen Flanigan is a visual, performing and environmental artist, who exhibits internationally. She was selected as a senior TEDFellow and was featured in a Nokia/TED responsiveness campaign. With 20 years of arts background, Flanigan moves from sculptures to mixed media to interactive works to conceptual and collaborative projects. Recently she worked on the stop-motion animated feature "Coraline" (February 2009), a Henry Selick-directed interpretation of Neil Gaiman's book. Having taught sculpture and created exhibits around the world, she is known for her large three dimensional steel "drawings" woven with wire. Flanigan has a BA in Design from UCLA, and a post-baccalaureate Certificate in Metals from the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her avant-garde work has been exhibited all around the world.

Carla Goldberg

"As an abstract mixed media artist,the fluidity of line meandering through deep layers of watery, pooling resin is my visual language. I paint about bodies of water using a cross section of folklore, culture, and science. I enjoy using new and unlikely materials and combining them with traditional art mediums, pushing those materials constantly into new forms."

Originally from Palm Springs, CA, Goldberg graduated with honors from the University of Redlands in California and received her MFA from MICA. She now make the Hudson Valley region of New York her home, which invariably makes its way into the subject matter of many of her works. My art has been shown nationally and internationally, and has been exhibited in museums such as The Tabernacle, MOMA Wales, Brooklyn Waterfront Museum and the Dolmabahce Palace (State Gallery) in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work can also be found in public spaces and private collections such as Johns Hopkins Hospital- Baltimore, MD, State Farm Insurance- Palm Springs, CA, Swiss Re- Armonk, NY, Raven Paul & Company, Burbank, CA and Mid-Hudson Gastroenterology-Cortlandt Manor, NY.

Jill Ricci

"One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text -- our modern hieroglyphics. I try to re-create this beauty in my work; the layers of time and decay are what interest me. I hope that people viewing my work will linger, trying to discover hidden imagery and text and depending on their life experience, their own meanings or interpretations. Found images and objects function as signifiers of both individual and collective experience. By incorporating materials that are linked to the realities of daily life, I strive to establish an immediate identification between the viewer and the work of art. I am exploring the place between 'high art' and popular culture, text and image, figuration and abstraction, past and present, and two and three-dimensional space."

Ricci works without a final vision in mind. She uses collected materials and allows pattern, texture, color and structure to emerge organically. In her current body of work, she says she wants the pieces "to evoke an old wall in Morocco, a Renaissance Church, a NYC subway wall and Malibu Barbie all simultaneously existing on one canvas."

Ricci received a BA from Smith College in Northampton, MA, and an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the country, and is also the Director of Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ.

Casey Vogt

Casey Vogt explains that he creates "ornate, mandala-like compositions that serve as a backdrop
for politically charged figurative scenes". His most recent paintings "explore Americans' relationship to drug use, the war on drugs, and the pharmaceutical industry" - another relatively recent backdrop in the human experience. Vogt's slick, psychotropic, resin-covered renderings are not only painted, but also incorporate actual objects. The meticulous painting-collage hybrids are assembled into a kaleidoscope of patterns.

Vogt explains "the backgrounds are composed of masses of layered dots of house paint in myriad colors, recalling a pharmacopoeia of pills. They act as a painterly and metaphysical contrast to the socio-political narratives presented by the figures. With their euphoric colors and psychedelic compositions, my work proposes paintings as another mind-altering substance."

Vogt grew up in Colorado, and spent seven "glorious" years existing solely as a snowboard bum.

He later studied at the University of Akron in Ohio, where he fell in love with art. He recently received his Master's degree from Miami University, and currently resides in Akron, Ohio with his wife and their two dogs, Trotsky and Chomsky.

It is the mission of Tria Gallery to exhibit a balance of established artists with impressive resumes and exciting young talent, showing representational and abstract work, painting, sculpture, mixed media and installations. The common denominator is that the Tria artist has a unique, authentic voice and a compelling body of work which the directors feel should be given an audience.

Tria is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm, or by appointment. Intermix opens May 3 and remains on exhibition through June 2, 2012.

Contact: Carol Suchman -- 212-695-0021

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