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DeNota Drawing Coffee
Drawing © Ronald DeNota

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Expressionistic Hegemony

With what strategies and tactics, and how successfully do artist try to emancipate themselves from the capital, commodification, institutionalisation, custodianship and other kinds of control?

What new theories and philosophies of art and culture developed for understanding hegemony and struggles against hegemony now? Did artistic avant-gardism become mainstream, or is this mainstream discussion just another way to introduce hegemony in the safe haven of institutionalised culture? In the last few years a good number of texts and books were written about this topic, and in manner which goes beyond already mannierist touch of postmodernism.

There is not one and only philosophical or theoretical school of way of thought to deal with these questions, and these questions touch different disciplines, fields and studies.

Hegemony is a concept transgressing borders and definitions of disciplines, and was introduced in aesthetics and social philosophy, sociology of culture and cultural studies, history of culture and art history.

The aim of this colloquium of Slovenian Society of Aesthetics is to assemble scholars from different disciplines, fields and studies who will present their views of the topic, and discuss them in an interdisciplinary and multicultural dialogue.

Prof. Dr. Lev Kreft

Madam Butterfly

Ronald De Nota 2006
Madame Butterfly
Oil on Canvas
28" X 22"

All Drawings shown below are Originals and are
done with MultiColor Media on Paper.
They are priced at $120 each.

DeNota Drawing Coffee
Coffee © Ronald DeNota
DeNota Drawing Crowd
Crowd © Ronald DeNota
DeNota Drawing Sitting
Sitting © Ronald DeNota
DeNota Drawing Statue
Statue in the Park © Ronald DeNota
DeNota Drawing Talk
Talk © Ronald DeNota

Ronald De Nota © 2015 All Rights Reserved

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