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George Rada

George Rada, Realist Painter

writes for American Artist Magazine

Bisbing and Schnurr


Bisbing and Schnurr

Picture Perfect in New York Magazine

The Street Is Their Beat

Ronnie DeNota Photo

Ronnie De Nota and Myron Heise -

Two Street Painters

The Street Painters:

This group has staged 4 previous exhibitions at The Art Students League of NY, and are not the first artists there to focus on the energy and human dramas of NY City's streets.

Ashcan School artists Robert Henri and John Sloan were notable artist/ instructors at the League during the 1910s and 20s. Raphael Soyer, Reginald Marsh and Isable Bishop, who immortalized the Union Square vicinity, all studied at the school.

Today the League enrolls 2500 students from around the world in its studio-based courses in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.


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Celebrating 21st Century Artists

Alex Katz
Alfred Leslie
Janet Fish

Prints by Alfred Leslie

Alfred Leslie Prints

Alfred Leslie, Boil & Squeal Gallery, New York, NY

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