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The Project of Living Artists

Ongoing Drawing Has Moved to Massachusetts


The Project of Living Artists

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Drawing The Foot
The Foot - Drawing by Joseph Catuccio

The Project of Living Artists

Art Classes in our Brooklyn Art Studio - Things to Know About

Joe Catuccio Photo
Joe Catuccio

The Place to Draw . . .

. . . An On-Going Open Sketch Session . . . on Saturdays

Established 1969,
by Joseph Catuccio --
No Instruction

Phone the Project at:


for more information.

. . . . His drawing sessions won't miss a beat. . . .


Project Living Artists

Former Location: 30 Bushwick Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Drawing Assorted Figures
Assorted Figures by Joseph Catuccio

Find Out More About The Project of Living Artists and View Joseph Catuccio's Paintings and Sculptures

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