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Joe Catuccio Photo
Joe Catuccio

Joe Catuccio, the "Mole Man" of Greene Street - thus coined for his long-term, lack-of-sun dwelling habits at his famed Greene Street abode - has moved from Soho, but fear not, as The Project of Living Artists has been moved with him.


DIRECTOR: Joseph Catuccio

PHONE the Project at: 718-388-6708


PAUSE: His drawing session won't miss a beat.

Ongoing Sketch Class
In the early days of 1968, The Museum of The Project of Living Artists was formed by some bizarre hippie types, in Greenwich Village. The Project was originally intended to be a communal artist space, So it became one of the first alternate spaces in the city. Then, throughout 1969 - 1971, the members drifted different ways - since as a communal space, it was unworkable. So in 1971, Joe was looking for a new space, in order to keep The Project going. And he found a sprawling basement space in the barren and budding canyons of Soho.
Greene Street Studio
Joseph Catuccio 1975
Project of Living Artists Space, Greene Street, NYC
Housed in its previous address at 133-135 Greene Street, in New York city, and starting in 1971, it became legendary that, ever since Joe first landed on the island of Manhattan, the Project has been home to a multi-faceted array of creatures and causes ranging from a 24-hour exhibit space, an original buyers club, a center for poetry readings and cinema screenings and a shelter for fourteen oddly hued cats.


Throughout this prolific 3-decade tenure, from the renegade phase of Venice Biennale protest shows to the penniless months when Joe could barely afford coffee yet always prevailed with payments to the models; through the years of fire and water coffeehouse culture forward to the onslaught of punk and the advent of cybersex, Joe's loyalty to life drawing in a mayhem-infused metropolis has been unremitting.



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In June of 1997, Joe relocated from Greene Street to the Williamsburgh section of Brooklyn, New York, home to the highest demographic of artists in the country.

House number 30 Bushwich Avenue in Brooklyn is the address to remember, to permanently etch in your mind. To get there, take the L train to the third stop in Brooklyn - Graham Avenue - walk south to Devoe Street, and then it's only two and a half blocks to Bushwick and the Project of Living Artists.

And the New York Times has followed close on his heel, showering praise on the Project from its inception to the present.

The New York Times
Arts Section

on Saturday, April 16, 1994
about Joe Catuccio and
The Project of Living Artists

NY Times Poem

Joe, who hails from Waterbury CT, and has been drawing, painting, printmaking and soldering cast iron since the precocious age of four, has upheld his firm belief in the importance of providing an earthy, warm atmosphere where artists, bankers and petty thieves alike are encouraged to engage their shared interest in studying the human form.

In his constantly well-maintained, vast space, the air crackles with a vibrant fury as something intangibly beautiful and ferocious is shared between artist and model.


There is no irritating and pompusly dogmatic instruction, no proselytizing, no philosophical hogwash; simply a carefully crafted, creative dynamic, the likes of which has carved out an internationally renowned reputation for the Project as - THE PLACE TO DRAW.


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