Susan Gerstein Artist

A Landscape of the Mind

Fantasy Landscape Series 2011

Writings and Art Works by a New York Artist and Contemporary Painter

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Fantasy Landscape 06
© Susan Gerstein 2011
Fantasy Landscape No. 6
Oil on Vellum- 16" x 20"

Fantasy Landscape 12
© Susan Gerstein 2011
Fantasy Landscape No. 12
Oil on Vellum- 16" x 20   "

"A series of small paintings where I let the paint itself dictate the outcome and become a landscape of of the mind." - Susan Gerstein 2011

Susan Gerstein - A New York Painter.
All Art Works are Original Paintings and One-of-a-Kind.

Susan Gerstein has recently written a Memoir entitled:
Lily's Daughter.

Go to to get more information about this fascinating story that is her own, and/or to purchase this wonderful edition that is immediately available at the author's website.

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