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Union Square Studio NYC

Wednesdays Series -

Mosaic Class, New York City

Buildings Mosaic
Dog by Simone Russo (Stained Glass Tiles)
Art Studio NYC Workshop

Learn to Create Mosaic Pictures - Mosaic

Mosaic Art Studio just North of Greenwich Village,

in Manhattan at the North West Corner of the Park.

Cash Fees Payable at your First Class


- Wednesday Starter Series Ongoing

-- Wednesdays Afternoons from 1-4pm or

-- Wednesday Evenings from 6-9pm -

- Monday Pattern-Series Seasonal

-- Monday Evenings from 6-9pm

-- Friday Evenings from 6-9pm

-- Put in a Request for your Preferred Day and Time for Consideration.

Ongoing: Classes --

All materials and tools are provided for in-class work only. This is included in the Fee. No additional charges.

Starting Mid-Month is an Acceptable Option

Limited to 6 Students Per Workshop

Cash Fee Payment for a Wed Class Series (from 1 to 4 classes) can be made at your first class.

Please Note: A Series can be One Class Only or it can be up to Four Classes.

This class will explore texture, opus and reflectivity.

1 Grouting Class -- Tues or Fri Nites. This class is Optional and Not Included in the Workshop Series. One grouted piece is included.

Mosaic Rooster, Ceramic and Glass Sculpture
by Sue Yoshitoshi

Chrysler Building
by Angela Staral (Ceramic and Stained Glass Tiles)

by Eileen Regan

Butterfly Mosaic 
Butterfly by Coutois

Yukari Mosaic
Yukari's Bananas

Sea Scape Mosaic 
Irish Coast Line by Luciana Peretti

Union Square Artists Studio

in Manhattan

Ying Yang by Kellie Specter

Mirror by Susan Grandelli

Fish by Laura Pilson

Mirror by Sonia Rolland

Laura Pilson Holding her Mosaic of a Peacock

Rooster by Marcela Rotela

Susan Grandelli Mosaic
Turkish Tile by Susan Grandelli


We focus on style, development

and individual expression.

After you have completed the Initial Series -- If you wish to continue, you can Renew, either another Series which includes an additional class or take Individual Sessions. Your discount will be reflected in the Fee for the 2nd Series if paid at that time. Late payments for a Series will not count retroactive for that Series. No Exceptions. Grouting is not included in the Featured Series Prices.

Classes need not be consecutive. If you cannot attend, please phone to leave Notice regarding your Absence. And you can then make your class up the following week.
If you Pay for Your First Wednesday Series and decide to take ONLY One class the fee remains at $120 cash only. No Refunds.
We need to know how many people will be attending each class so that we can accommodate for seating.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Metro by Mark Hewko

Here is a sign done that imitates the perennial subway signs that are seen in the NYC tunnels every day.

Creative Mosaics:

We work in ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and miscellaneous stones or broken dishes, or small objects.

Buildings Mosaic
Dog by Simone Russo (Stained Glass Tiles)

We have samples of pictorial compositions that you can choose to work from or you can use your own ideas. We will help you along every step of the way.

Mosaic in Progress
Mosaic in Progress

Please Email your Questions - Be sure to put the words "Mosaic Class" in the Subject Line.

Flowers in the Sun by Alexis Guerra

Click Here to View Mosaic Arts Gallery

Tiny Shelf Mosaic
Gloria's Tiny Shelf Mosaic

Turkish Tile
Turkish Tile by Maggie Halpin


Mermaid Mosaic
Mermaid by Elyse Gordon

Mosaic Workshop, NYC --
Beginners and Advanced Welcome

Ongoing Winter and Summer in a Unique Comfortable Setting at the Union Square Art Studio in New York City

Worshop in Progress
Art Workshop in Progress

Mosaic in Progress
Mosaic in Progress


Afternoon and Evening - $120 for 4 Sessions - All Tools and Supplies Provided for In-Class Work

Please Email to inform us of your preferred date and time for Mosaic Classes !

Andrea Walke
Flowers in Progress by Andrea Walke

Hattori Mosaic
Trivet by Efrat

Nevzat Flowers
Flowers by Nezvat

Paris After Utrillo
Paris Scene After Utrillo by Lisi

Giraffe and Camel
Giraffe and Camel by Gloria Goldman

Many of our artists

like to work with great artists in mind:

like Matisse,



Van Gogh, and



Click on E-Mail for Inquiry -- For a response back, please include your full name and phone number.

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