Portrait Painting and Portrait Sculpture

Portrait Artists : Claire Clark, Anna Feld

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More on Commissioning A Portrait

Transportation and lodging is additional. The artist is entitled to reimbursement for transportation and accomodations while on location.

The tradition of portraiture has been historically motivated by admiration and respect in the areas of professional leadership, service to the community, an institution, or the nation. In the case of family portraits, love, affection, and chronicling a family legacy are major motivations.

In days of old commissioning a portrait, with some exceptions, was a privilege reserved for nobility and those of extreme wealth and power, crafted only through the collaborative process of sittings from life. Today, in addition, portraits are commissioned to serve a vast collection of professional and home decorative requirements, painted with professionalism and attention to your needs from life sessions and/or photos.

Andrea Portrait
Andrea - Color Sketch
byAnna Feld

Portrait Painting is a reasonable
and natural consequence of affection.


Portrait Bea Wind
Bea Wind - Portrait
by Claire Clark

Bea Wind
Bea Wind - Portrait
by Claire Clark

Portraits into Painting

Portrait Georgette Contemplating
Georgette Contemplating
by Anna Feld

A Partial Listing of Portrait Categories:

Corporate Portraits:
Company Founders, Retiring Chairpersons.

Official/Government Portraits:
Presidential, Cabinet, Senatorial, Gubernatorial, State Departmental, Municipal, Parliamentary, Diplomatic Corps.

Judicial & Legal Portraits:
Supreme Court, Appellate Court, Partner or Founder of a legal practice.

Health Care Portraits:
Medical Chairpersons, Board Members, Physicians, Scientists.

Clubs and Association Portraits:
Board Members, Presidents, Distinguished Members.

Philanthropic Portraits:
Acknowledgement, Captial Donors, Foundation Founders, Scholarship Trust Founders.

Illustrational Portraits:
for reproduction in publications, annual reports, magazines, and for public relations.

Armed Service Portraits:
United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard.


Institutional Portraits :
Foundations, Museums, Universities, Libraries.

Theatrical Portraits:
Movies, Television, Theater, (for advertising, promotion, or as scenic element).

Family Portraits:
A portrait is a tribute to the individual human spirit, which at its very best becomes a timeless piece of priceless art.

Outlined below is the general sequence of the commissioning process:

1) Schedule appointment

2) Determine portrait's site for hanging.

3) Define start date and reserve travel arrangements.

4) Approve retainer and sign contract.

5) Meet with artist to start sittings.

6) Monitor and approve progress beginning, during and upon completion of your portrait.

Additional possibilities
(Additional fee may apply).

7) Photograph and frame finished art.

8) Shipping and Delivery.

9) Unveiling reception with artist present. (Travel expenses are additional where applicable).

A gift for future generations that hallmarks its subject. A portrait kindles inspiration and fires the imagination with honor and distinction in perpetuity.

You are invited to call or write regarding your commissioned portrait projects or, when in New York, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation and vist the artist's conveniently located studio.

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