Erotica Hits the Upper East Side

. . . desire for the human flesh -- featuring the paintings of Patricia Rendleman -- at the Ezair Gallery

A Review by Don Simmons

© Patricia Rendleman
Mi Abrazo             

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© Pat Rendleman
Most Lovable

Divine Erotica / White Erotica

Symbols of the human form like a pictograph in ancient caves, part hieroglyphic and part obvious, artist Patricia Rendleman celebrates lust. Genitalia abound. Thighs, phalluses and breast intertwine. Divine Erotica/White Erotica is the body landscape up close and personal. Urban and modern, Rendleman's art is more Sex and the City than a peek into the bedroom of movie stars and practitioners of Tantra.

With bubble-gum colors, the painter's palette isn't smoldering but vibrant. The exhibit spotlights Rendleman's signature colors as well as its absence-white. In direct lineage with the great American painter, Knox Martin, Rendleman follows with white as a metaphor for light.

© Pat Rendleman
Sweet Cheeks

With total abandonment for perspective, Rendleman's pictoral plane is undeniably flat. Patterns of circus stripes, polka dots, and carnival humor, there is a raw simplicity that brings a childlike joy in discovering both the real and the fantasy. Voyeuristic in foreplay, we encounter a certain pleasure of seeing forbidden private parts.

Rendleman's paintings give a guideline of desire for the human flesh and a direct road map by which to get there. Positions of passion played out on the stage of sex and lust, Rendleman has created a sexual theatre reminiscent of Picasso's Erotique.

© Pat Rendleman

© Pat Rendleman

Silly titles are the punctuation during this love fest, with names like Twinkle Toes, Sweet Cheeks, Boner and Tricky Dick. Each image invites the act of lovemaking as if caught in a snapshot before consummation. With curves against straights, one body part becomes another. As those who have proceeded her, from the Altimira Cave drawings to De Kooning's women, artist Patricia Rendleman seduces us with the field of the forbidden.

Neither lewd nor vulgar, Rendleman chooses a fresh approach in exploring the familiar territory of the human form. In a remove from their ordinary context, Divine Erotica/White Erotica re-designs sexual shapes and teases the viewer with a delightful grin.

by Don Simmons

© Pat Rendleman
Twinkle Toes

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Divine Erotica / White Erotica at:

The Ezair Gallery, NYC 10021.

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