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by Alexandra Shaw
Manhattan Arts International Edition

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Alice Grisant's paintings are in rhythmic harmony with the universe. They celebrate the changing of the seasons, the versatility of color as affected by sunlight in different parts of the world (including her native country Brazil), and reveal the breadth and depth of human experience. The artist states, "My works are a portrait of a spiritual and emotional journey representing closures and new openings in my life."

Grisant is a recognized artist as well as an active participant in the NYC art community. She generously contributes to the enhancement of artists conditions. 

For additional information contact:

Alice Grisant, 88 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012. Tel: 212-777-2941. EMail:

Websites: and formerly at Nexus Gallery

by Alexandra Shaw 2001
Manhattan Arts International Edition
May-June, 2000



11" x 14"

Alice Grisant Artist
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