Narrative: History, Myth, and Storytelling

Mark Lerer, Anna Feld, Jessica Mieles, Roger Smith

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Artists whose work explores the power of story

through a diversity of cultures and perspectives

Raft of Medusa
© Robert Casper
Raft of the Medusa
Mural Painting

The Thinker
© Mark Lerer
The Thinker
Sacred and Profane
© Jessica Mieles
The Sacred and The Profane
Watercolor and Dyes

Storytelling is a central part of every society and the power, importance and energy of oral, written, visual and enacted story lies at the heart of culture.

From early childhood through adulthood the power of narrative to seduce, cajole, convince and transform is one of the common experiences shared globally.

Stories help us to construct our understanding of the world around us and to connect us to our own and other's histories.

Sally's Daughter
© Anna Feld
Sally's Daughter

Figure by Window
© Roger Smith Art
Figure by the Window

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