The Colorists - The appeal of hot colors.

Patricia Rendleman, Gloria Lippmann, Steve Sandler, John Garufi, H. Michael Weinert, Anna Feld, Joy Walker, Myron Heise

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Madras Study 2
© Gloria Lippmann
Madras Study No. 2
Mixed Media on Paper

Madras Rhythymn 3
© Gloria Lippmann
Madras Rhythmn No. 3
Mixed Media on Paper

Color is Art and Color is Life

For SS
© Joy Walker
For SS

The Smoker
© John Garufi
The Smoker
Collage Painting

The Smoker
© John Garufi
Ardent Couple
Collage Painting

OK By Me
© Patricia Rendleman
OK By Me
Acrylic on Board

Autumn Sea
© H. Michael Weinert
Crescent Beach Oregon

Red Cafe Paris
© Steve Sandler
The Red Cafe, Paris
Acrylic on Canvas

"For me, there is Color"

Carnival Group
© McConney
Times Square Heise
© Myron Heise
Times Square - Red Dot with Myron Heise
Oil on Canvas

Line of Fire
© Gloria Lippmann
Trees in the Line of Fire
Mixed Media on Palette Paper

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