Genre: Cityscapes

The Scapes of the City: Above and Underground

David Pena, George A. Rada, Steve Sandler, Claire Clark, Anna Feld, Jacqueline Sferra Rada, Jessica Mieles

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United Nations Skyline
© George A. Rada
The United Nations from Roosevelt Island Skyline
Oil on Canvas
Ville Roussil France
© Steve Sandler
Ville Roussil, France
Acrylic on Canvas

Grand Central Station
© David Pena
Grand Central Vertigo, The Pan Am Bldg, NYC
Oil on Canvas
Sugar Red Hook
© George A. Rada
Sugar Plant in Red Hook NY
Oil on Canvas

Union Square Ceramic
© Claire Clark
Union Square
Ceramic Relief Sculpture

Night Falls Eden
© Jessica Mieles
Water Color on Paper

© Jessica Mieles
Last of Daylight
Water Color on Paper

Canal Street NYC
©Jacqueline Joy Sferra
Canal Street, NYC
Acrylic on Gessoed Paper


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