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Mosaic Icons

at The Ukranian Institute of America
Oksana Porkopenko

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The Ukrainian Institute of America is pleased to present a special exhibit just in time for the Easter season - Mosaic Icons created in the tradition of Byzantine masters.

Fashioned from tiny bits of glass fit together to bring forth a divine image, the icons are created by Oksana Porkopenko, a Ukrainian artist, now living in New York.

Oksana is unique in today's contemporary art scene.

Her focus on detail is akin to that of artists that worked hundreds of years ago.

Her works are mosaic icons - in step with the current interest in art from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The exhibit will be shown at the Ukrainian Institute of America building from April 13 - May 10.


Ukrainian Institute of America
2 East 79th Street
212 288-8660

Mother Child Mosaic

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