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Recent Giant Collages by C. Biaggi


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Acclaimed artist C. Biaggi has created three collages passionately inspired by what she considers major catastrophes of our current times -- the American presidential election of 2004, the Tsunami of Southeast Asia, and hurricane Katrina.

"I enlarged the original collages because I am reflecting artistically on large events that have affected the entire world. I feel that size is an important element in emotional response."


The original of her Election collage is 8 feet long and the digital reproduction is 16 feet by 6 feet.

Following the election, Ms. Biaggi was overwhelmed by reactions from friends and people from all over the world in the form of e-mails. In her collage Election 2004, she has included parts of the e-mails she received in French, Italian and English - languages she speaks. In her artist statement, Ms. Biaggi said, "The outcome of the American election of 2004 has had a powerful impact on the world. Our country is in the hands of a neoconservative government fueled by the religious right, which has exacerbated the threat of terrorism in its quest to remake the world in the image of the United States. We have a government headed by an arrogant leader who pays very little attention to the environment and who treats the rest of the world with condescension."

Disasters Election 2004
DISASTERS, Presidential Election 2004. -- Digital reproduction on canvas


The Tsunami collage is her artistic emotional response to the grandiose horror of this natural catastrophe. She created it smaller than the Election collage not because it is less important, but because in some fundamental way the outcome of the election is proving to be an even greater disaster for the world than the Tsunami.


In the last two weeks, Ms. Biaggi created an additional collage inspired by the Katrina events and entitled it The have-nots. She believes that the events surrounding Katrina and the unfolding events of hurricane Rita demonstrate that Gaia (the Earth) is sending a message that is coming through loud and clear. The artist is dedicating this exhibition to the victims of the Tsunami and hurricane Katrina and will donate 30% of the sale of her work to the refugees of these disasters.

Dr. Biaggi brings to her work a strong background in the classics, art and art history, archaeology, literature, and languages acquired at Vassar College, Harvard University, the University of Mexico City, the University of Utah, and New York University.

She has taught Art History, Sculpture, Mythology and Drawing and is world-renowned for her contribution to the field of Goddess-centered art and scholarly studies.

She lives in Palisades, New York and has had more than 20 one-woman shows.

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