John Garufi

New York City Artist

Oil Paintings and Acrylic Fused Collages

City and Suburb
City and Suburb © John Garufi

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Double Self-Portrait
John Garufi 2003
Double Self-Portrait
Oil on Canvas
48" x 48"

Paintings - By Day

In Garufi's compositions, there is an interplay of genres with figure subjects presented as pictures within pictures.

In these and other, larger pieces, flat geometries and a structure of frames within frames provide an understated context for personal and ourter-wordly topics, but the works subtlety masks an explosive charge and they are as enigmatic as they are provacative.

Garufi's first one-man exhibitions were presented in the early 70's at the Cooper Square Gallery, and at the Dealer's Choice Gallery in New York city.

He has also exhibited at the New York Studio School, Pace University, the National Academy of Design.

Additionally he has exhibited at Gallery Pene du Bois, the 554 Gallery, the National Arts Club, and the Woodstock Art Gallery.

John Garufi uses several two-dimensional strategies to disturb the viewer’s perceptions, strategies that prompt them to move about and try broaching the image from different distances. Through this motion, the spectator becomes a kind of zoom lens, varying focal length to produce effects of nearness and distance.

John Garufi 2002
Bruckner Overpass
Oil on Canvas - 48" x 48"


Three Mile Harbor Road
John Garufi 2002
Three Mile Harbor Road
Acrylic Collage on Canvas - 50" x 50"

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