John Garufi Artist

A Dialectic of Styles Within the Postmodern

The Technique of Fused Collage

Seascape Floating Clouds
Seascape with Floating Clouds © John Garufi

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Oil Painting Mural by John Garufi


This magnificent painting is one of the artist's latest works. With great sensitivity and compositional skill, John Garufi surpassed himself as one of the great painters of our time.


The Picture Framer

Oil on Canvas - 48" x 68"


John Garufi Framer
The Picture Framer
© John Garufi - Mural Painting

A Dialectic of Styles Within the Postmodern
How It All Began.

Born in New York city in 1940, John Patrick Garufi studied at the Art Student's League and the Pratt Graphics Center, both located in downtown Manhattan.

He quickly became known for his bright, bold semi-abstracts created in the media of his specialty - etching and acrylic collage.

All Works are Original Paintings and One-of-a-Kind

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