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Architectural Cityscape . . .
The City and Townscape of NY

My Park Palette © David Pena 2006

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David Pena does not waste any time when he sets up his easel on the street, and caputres the romance of this lovely and most famous architectural landmark in New York city at night time.


The Morgan Library, located at 225 Madison Avenue at East 36th Streetl, has a splendid collection of master drawings and prints from the past five centuries; medieval Renaissance illuminated manuscripts, literary, historical, and musical manuscripts; printed books, and ancient Near Easter pictorial seals drawn from its ouvre of more than 350,000 objects.

The Morgan Library by Night, NYC
Oil on Canvas - 24" x 20"
$8,375 Sold

Morgan Library NYC
© David Pena 2006

David Pena 2018 All Rights Reserved
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