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Still-life Parking Lot
Still Life by Parking Lot© McConney

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The Still Life Series -- Watercolors, Oils, and Acrylics

Singer Sewing Machine
Singer Sewing Machine © McConney
Watercolor on Paper
9" x 12 (Sold)



Works on Paper

McConney is extraordinarily fluent in his choice of subject matter as well as his versatility with many mediums and ways of working.

Still Life By Parking Lot © McConney
Oil on Canvas
20" x 24"



Works on Canvas

McConney deals with composition on many levels. -- the quiet and stillness of the night, the bustling traffic below, electric light effects from street level, parking lots, and office buildings. All imbue with great vitality, as well as, sensitivity.

The Art of Still Life - Nature Morte

Goya Still Life
Goya Still Life © McConney
Acrylic on Canvas
12" x 16

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