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Waiting for the City

Bent Tree
Williamsburgh Bridge McConney

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The New York Cityscape

For McConney, the Impressionists, were a great influence for him, with their coloristic adventurism.

High on his list are the still lifes and landscapes done by Camille Pissaro and some of the early works of Edgar Degas, that display his unfailing accuracy of draftsmanship and subtle color.

He took long walks around the city searching visually, and eventually created a body of painterly works that celebrate the cityscape.

He began painting scenes of Manhattan which he did on location — bustling street scenes, bridges and parks, crowds and lonely streets, sunny days, snowy nights, as well as, architectural studies. He is inundated by the mood of the city. So many people everywhere and everyone with a rythmn of their own.

Engine No. 44
Engine Company 44, New York Fire Station

Oil on Canvas - 16" x 12"

On View at the Fire Museum of the City of New York Art Collection

The city is a myriad of intertwining neighborhoods, and McConney so often captures the pop culture that he feels teeming in its endless streets.


McConney is interested in capturing indigenous New York -- from hot dog vendors with their colorful umbrellas to old New York brick townhouses, and brownstones, and signature New York landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges.

Parking Lot
Williamsburgh Bridge McConney
Oil on Canvas - 24" x 20"

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