Claire Clark

Ceramic Sculpture

Crossing 23 Street
© Claire Clark
- Twenty-Third Street Crossing

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Union Square
© Claire Clark 2006
Union Square NY

Stoneware Glaze Relief
12" x 16 1/2" x 1

The World of Art Making A Difference

Claire started her art at an early age. As a family, they did watercolors together, she starting at the age of three, on summer vacations.


In the backyard she became aware of the growth of vegetables and plants. In the morning, seeing the morning glories in full array and then closing up. Digging in the sand at the beach and on her own in her studio or in the garden were all lively activities for her. She loved quoting her Grandmother saying you can dig a hole and get to China.

Crossing 23 Street
© Claire Clark 2006
Twenty-Third Street Crossing
Stoneware Glaze Relief
17 3/4" x 16 1/2" x 1

Although Claire Clark's works are technically sculpture, these objects are also three-dimensional paintings. They have the texture and presence of wall sculpture but also celebrate the exuberant variety of painted decorative image-making techniques.

The painted wall reliefs that depict tiny fragments of pottery with crowded images of people in city streets magnified to a grand scale. These are enlarged versions of the fragments one might uncover along the sidewalk or old urban riverbanks.

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