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- Free Classes (A Series)

on Thursday Afternoons on:

The Interaction of Color

by Josef Albers -- at 4:15pm


Sharon Denning teachs the sessions:

Each week a chapter in the book will be read aloud, then the participants will try to solve the problem presented with color papers.

The following week results will be pinned to the wall and discussed and a new chapter will be read.



Minervas' Drawing Studio / Spring Studio
293 Broome St, NYC
(Between Eldridge and Forsythe Streets)

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Minerva’s Drawing Studio 



293 Broome Street,

New York, NY 10002

Minerva Durham,

Director, 917-375-6086









Join us every Wednesday at 4:15 pm as Said Bouftass, anatomist who attended L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts and focused on the teachings of Paul Richer, lectures by drawing on the wall with in colored chalk.

FREE sessions of anatomy at Spring Studio as we draw disarticulated human bones on Thursdays, and Fridays from 4pm to 6pm between figure drawing classes.
Thanks and love,

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Minerva’s FUNDRAISERS at the studio

A charcoal sketch on newsprint by Minerva

Photo Paula Court

other drawings available for $100 and more.
no rsvp required

refreshments served

Minerva’s Drawing Studio a/k/a Spring Studio
293 Broome Street, New York NY 10002


Paula Court - Photo - At Spring Studio

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