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Minerva Soho Writes:

Today is my birthday.

One of my gifts from the universe is this article:

Date: September 24, 2014 1:18:28 PM EDT

Subject: Fwd: Entitled, Arrogant, and Lethal

THE NEW YORKER, “A Bicycle Crash Kills Another Pedestrian in Central Park,” by Samuel G. Freedman:

“There are the racers who careen along the park’s six-mile loop, treating it as their private velodrome. There are the tourists who blithely pedal the wrong way, or in the wrong lane, or both simultaneously, despite the clear markings on the roadway. There are the everyday bikers who ignore traffic signals, stop signs, and crosswalks.

In the rare instances when I’ve seen a cop around, he or she has done nothing about any of it. Every time I have run these past few years, I have had the anxious sense of watching a game of Russian roulette in which the chamber with the bullet would eventually slip into place and a biker would maim or kill a pedestrian.”

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